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Specialties in the Medical Assistant Career

The work of a medical assistant is to help keep a healthy working environment for the doctors and nurses to do their job. A good planned working place is very good to work from since there will be no delays while working and everything is easier to find. The work of a medical assistant can be confused with that of a nurse but in some institutions, they have not outlined the roles clearly. That is why you will find mishaps in many offices like patients files misplaced or missing.

The medical assistant field is very general and after completion of the school training program, they can be hired at any health facility. There are many medical fields that certified medical assistants can work in. you can find some even at clinics or health centers in the remote areas while some work in the big hospitals.

There are those few people who are not just satisfied with being a general medical assistant and would like to specialize in a specific field. This could be due to certain reasons which can include passion to be in a specific field, personal reasons or to open up the choice of being promoted later in life. The option of specializing is not simple. In order to specialize, there are a few requirements that the person has to have completed. There is an accredited exam that medical assistant has to have done and worked for a certain number of years in the general medical assistants field depending on the specializing doctrine. Other prerequisites differ with each other.

There are two types of specialties for a medical assistant. He/she can either choose to specialize in the clinical sector or the administrative sector. There are many specialties for anyone to choose in each category

In the clinical specialties, they include:


This kind of category deals with the eyes. An ophthalmology medical assistant aids the optician with taking care of patient’s eyes. They are responsible for teaching the patient on how to take care of their eyes, be present to assist the physician during the eye treatment and surgeries and run a diagnostic test on the patient while filling in the information collected.


This specific medical section deals with the legs. There are plenty of times where the legs suffer from foot injuries and require treatment. As a podiatric medical assistant, he/she is tasked with the role of trimming the nails to a manageable level during surgery, post-surgical care, putting casts on the patient and also assists in minor surgery.


These are the kind of doctors that focus on healing the patient through a holistic approach. Theirs is a hands-on approach to the patient’s body so as to ease the body’s rigidness. These include hot and cold sessions of therapy and massages which help in treating various kinds of body conditions rather than using medicine. In such kinds of offices, the medical assistants can also have front office duties such as booking in appointments and tackling insurance claims. Medical duties include writing down patients health histories, educating the patients on what else to do to continue with the progress and also assist in treatments.


This is a specialty field in which the main agenda is working on women and it requires a high level of accuracy and precision combined with knowledge and skills. A woman’s private parts are very sensitive and require care. A medical assistant helps the physician with procedures such as pap testing, breast examination, minor gynecological surgeries and pre-natal care for pregnant women. Due to the high risks involved, a certificate is required in this sector.

The administrative specialities include:

Billing and coding in medical facilities

Medical assistants in this field and are billers handle charges sheets and work on the insurance claims in order to be reimbursed. Coders are tasked to work with Medicare.

Medical Administrative Assistant

These types of medical assistant integrate with the management. Their duties include writing meeting notes, working on the facilities policies and plenty more duties. Any medical assistant has to have experience in this field.

As it has been noted these career is very wide. Choose your passion and follow it to the very end.