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Medical Assistant Salary in Ohio


Ohio students that are considering becoming medical assistants may wonder what the salary is in that field and how they can maximize their earning potential. According to recent estimates, the medical assistant salary in Ohio is somewhat below the national average at $32,000.00. However, with the right background and employer, one can maximize their chance of earning a better salary.

while job searching, one should seek out a reputable healthcare employer in order to find the best pay and benefits. Examples of some of the largest healthcare employers in Ohio are Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Mount Carmel Health System.

AREA_NAMEHourly WageAnnaul AverageTotal EmploymentJOBS_1000
Cincinnati-Middletown, OH-KY-IN$14.51$30,180.004,2804.296
Columbus, OH$14.47$30,100.003,0603.257
Mansfield, OH$14.46$30,080.001903.98
Dayton, OH$14.36$29,870.001,9105.176
Toledo, OH$14.34$29,830.001,5205.105
Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH$13.62$28,320.003,9603.918
Lima, OH$13.61$28,310.002705.482
Akron, OH$13.37$27,820.001,8005.679
Springfield, OH$12.67$26,340.001603.415
Steubenville-Weirton, OH-WV$12.66$26,340.00902.146

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