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Medical Assistant Salary in North Dakota

North Dakota

At approximately $30,000.00, the average medical assistant salary in North Dakota is below the national average of about $32,000.00. However, there are a number of ways that medical assistants or those looking to become medical assistants can increase their earning potential in North Dakota.

By working for a reputable company such as Altru Health System or Sanford Health, one is more likely to find a stable job with increased benefits and salary. Salary also usually increases when one is working in a larger metropolis as opposed to in a rural area. One can also earn more if they have training and certifications than if they do not.

PRIM_STATEAREA_NAMETotal EmploymentJOBS_1000Hourly WageAnnaul Average
NDBismarck, ND1602.42116.1533,600
NDFargo, ND-MN1801.4214.4630,070

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