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Medical Assistant Salary in Kentucky

KentuckyWorking as a medical assistant allows one many options when it comes to finding a job in Kentucky. One can work assisting a doctor or nurse, work in medical reception, or perhaps in a laboratory. Major employers of this type in Kentucky include Veteran’s Medical Center, Central Baptist Hospital, and Jewish Hospital Healthcare. The median medical assistant salary in Kentucky is a little over $28,000. This is a bit below the national average, but one can improve their earning potential in a number of ways.

Virtually anything that can improve one’s resume can also improve their earning potential as a medical assistant. Job experience is always a plus. An individual who has worked in a similar job in the past will always have an advantage when it comes to negotiating a better salary. Education is another beneficial factor. The company that one is working for will affect their earnings, as will the wealth of the locale where they are working.

AREA_NAMEHourly WageAnnaul AverageTotal EmploymentJOBS_1000
Bowling Green, KY$13.20$27,460.002804.711
Elizabethtown, KY$12.96$26,960.002004.29
Lexington-Fayette, KY$14.58$30,320.001,0604.254
Louisville-Jefferson County, KY-IN$13.50$28,080.002,6604.365
Owensboro, KY$12.51$26,020.002003.977

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