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Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho

IdahoIf you are wondering what the average medical assistant salary in Idaho is, maybe this will help you. The average salary for this position in Idaho is $29,000. This is 1% lower than the national average salary for this type of career.

As far as jobs go in Idaho, there are a variety of companies that are looking for medical assistants. Here are some of them. There is Northwest Specialty Hospital, West Valley Medical Center, East Falls Primary Care, Gritman Medical Center, ClearView Eye Clinic, Idaho Division of Human Resources, Terry Reilly Health Services, Summit Health, and Take Care Health Systems.

AREA_NAMEHourly WageAnnaul AverageTotal EmploymentJOBS_1000
Lewiston, ID-WA$15.11$31,440.00903.693
Pocatello, ID$14.74$30,660.001303.87
Boise City-Nampa, ID$14.62$30,400.001,1704.328
Idaho Falls, ID$13.98$29,080.002003.976
Coeur d'Alene, ID$13.93$28,970.001703.106

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