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Medical Assistant Salary in Georgia

GeorgiaEntering into the world of healthcare as a medical assistant is one entry point into the industry that is not accompanied by years of study and a huge debt owed to a university. Becoming a medical assistant in Georgia is a relatively simple process that is rewarded with a large variety of work environments and a competitive salary. Medical assistant salary in Georgia can be quite generous for the job performed.

Atlanta, GA-median income=$32,754
Atlanta, GA -Lowest income=$27,649
Atlanta, GA-Highest income=$37,925
Columbus, GA-median income=$30,601
Savannah, GA-median income=$28,977

Companies Hiring
Clinica Union, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA
Mount Carmel Health, Columbus, GA
Memorial University Medical Center, Savannah, GA

Which ever region of Georgia you select the salary for medical assistants is generous. The career is rewarding in many ways including financially beneficial.

AREA_NAMEHourly WageAnnaul AverageTotal EmploymentJOBS_1000
Brunswick, GA$15.53$32,310.001804.622
Gainesville, GA$14.65$30,470.0076010.209
Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA$14.40$29,960.0010,8204.686
Augusta-Richmond County, GA-SC$14.33$29,800.001,0205.027
Macon, GA$14.24$29,630.005706.035
Hinesville-Fort Stewart, GA$14.22$29,570.00603.562
Athens-Clarke County, GA$14.02$29,150.004706.071
Rome, GA$13.71$28,530.002005.756
Dalton, GA$13.61$28,310.002203.627
Savannah, GA$13.44$27,960.007104.662

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