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Despite the growing demand for people who have been educated in the medical field, there are still some who keep on lamenting that they have not yet found a job. Medical assistants are being pursued from every direction and it is said to be one of the most promising careers as we go on in future. But there are some who say that they still have not found an entry-level job for themselves.

Well, the problem might not be that there are no entry level jobs, the problem might be you. There are several reasons that come up to my mind that might be the cause of not getting the job. Here are some of them;


In each and every industry in the whole world, there is competition. Not only is competition in the office jobs, but also in the crime world. These days, it is all about who is the most qualified to handle the task at hand. This is one of the main reasons why some medical assistants are not getting an entry-level job. Other applicants may have much more work experience than you or might have done the professional paper for the medical assistants while you have not. All these factors will boil down during an interview. It is a popular trend to see someone with work experience will practically always be employes as opposed to those who have none at all.


These days, it is the wish of everyone to move to the city and live there. Every day, you find people packing up their clothes and leaving the rural areas for the urban areas to look for greener pastures. But upon arrival, they meet that the pasture there is drying up slowly by slowly and there is very little green pasture. Most of the medical assistants go look for a job in the urban areas since the systems in the urban areas are much more developed and life is much nicer. But the only thing is that there is also the challenge of overpopulation, and they too are looking for a job opportunity. Thus competition intensifies. The urban employers are also a bit choosy and only take in the best. In the rural area, it is the opposite. There is less population so the competition is not that fierce but there are fewer opportunities since they are not well developed. Therefore entry-level applicants can also have a problem here too.

Poor Resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter bring out the first impression about you to the employer. The first impression always gives away your advantage or it may as well give you an advantage over the others. Therefore, if it is poorly written, then it would be hard for you to be considered for a post in that facility.

Bad interviews

Whenever you attend an interview, this is the only chance of charming your way in into employment. A resume just gives them an overview of who you are but a physical presentation of yourself can change a bad or good impression about your potential employers. If you give out terrible answers, or bring out your uncouth behavior during an interview, this could be the end of you.