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Common Duties Conducted by a Medical Assistant

Health is one of the most important pillars in any human being’s life. Many people invest on their money in the real estate sector or in the stock market, and very few take time to go check on their health and invest on it. Living a healthy life should be the epitome of everyone. These days, medical careers are growing fast due to poor maintenance of people’s health. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and also medical assistants are in high demand for their services.

In the health industry, it is not only the doctors and nurses who are the heroes of the day. Medical assistants also help in bettering the health of every single person even though their services are not ver much known to the public. Their work is to help the doctors and the other staff that deals directly with the patients that their working environment if taken care of and is in good standards.

They can be easily mistaken for nurses since their roles can collide with those of the nurses but it is the work of the health care systems to outlines the different required roles for each group. Below are some of the duties that should be done by medical assistants:

Administrative duties

Predominantly, the medical assistant’s main job is to perform the administrative roles. Depending on the working environment of the facility and also the size of the health facility in which they are working in, these roles may significantly vary. They are entitled to take in the sick patients and admit them into the facility, bill the patients, book operation rooms for surgical performances, answer any incoming calls and make important calls as requested, update the hospital records and individual patients records and also manage the insurance forms that may be provided by the patient. All these roles can seem to be a handful for a specific person and can be tiresome since they recur a lot. To avoid this, they are usually distributed to various people so as to ensure the smooth running of the facility.

Duties in private medical offices

There are doctors who establish their very own private clinic to treat their patients. They usually are professionals on a certain part of the body or certain diseases which normal doctors cannot treat. Most of the time, only consultancy work and a few physical assessments and symptoms observations are conducted. In such clinics, there is a few staff and thus they combine certain roles. As they continue doing their required administration job, they also help in simple jobs like physical assessments of patients. They take in very important notes like the height and weight of the patients, the vital signs like the heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature okay. They are also assigned few duties that the nurses usually conduct like injecting the patients, bandaging their wounds and some even are allowed to take the x-rays. All these duties are performed with the presence of a qualified doctor.

Specialized fields

Just like any other medical practitioner, medical assistants can decide to specialize in a certain field like in the pediatric ward or surgical ward. For this to happen, they require to be further trained in that specific field so as to know more information about that field since some procedures in these fields are highly risky and the medical assistant has to get ready for anything.

For those medical assistants who have a high level of commitment and professionalism, they can advance their careers by taking an administration class. These will help them bring out their leadership skills and get promoted to higher levels of office.

It is very easy to become a medical assistant. All someone has to do is to enroll into a medical school and get taught and trained in this field. Once certified, you are qualified to work in any hospital or any other health facility. But educational qualifications are not the only things required. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also highly regarded during interviews. Respect, patience and courtesy is also required in this field. The earlier to start mastering these tactics, the better the chance you have of having a successful career as a medical assistant.

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