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Medical Assistant Salary in Colorado

ColoradoAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average medical assistant salary in Colorado is 32,790 dollars. The higher end of the pay scale pays approximately 43,000 dollars while the lower end pays around 25,000 dollars. Positions in Colorado have an average higher than the national average of 30,780 dollars.

Most medical assistant positions can be found in physicians’ offices; however, the pay is on the lower end of the spectrum. Higher paying positions are often in surgical hospitals and outpatient care, though there are significantly fewer positions available in these industries. While Colorado is not among the top paying states in the U.S., it does rank twenty second in average salary, meaning that this position pays fairly well in the state.

AREA_NAMEHourly WageAnnaul AverageTotal EmploymentJOBS_1000
Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO$16.52$34,370.004,7403.702
Boulder, CO$16.00$33,290.005403.325
Greeley, CO$14.78$30,750.006006.885
Fort Collins-Loveland, CO$14.66$30,490.006404.67
Grand Junction, CO$14.56$30,280.003906.742
Colorado Springs, CO$14.34$29,830.001,1204.565
Pueblo, CO$13.78$28,670.003306.006

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