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Best Paying Medical Assistant Metropolitan areas

A doctor’s office only runs as efficient as the person in charge of it. While physician’s assistants act as the doctor’s second in many ways, freeing the doctor from simpler tasks, medical assistants acts as his secretary. Although he may be able to do some rudimentary tests, he is tasked with making sure that the office runs smoothly and acting as the liaison between doctor and patient; he is usually responsible for gathering samples, explaining a doctor’s diagnosis, and running the business side of the office. Because there is so much involved with the job, it would do well for someone looking for compensation for that workload to know the best paying medical assistant metropolitan areas.

It is worth noting that like anyone else moving to a new area he should do a little research on why the salary is so high before moving into an area. The compensation may be to simply offset the cost of living in the area due to higher rent, larger utility bills, and bigger food bills, as well as other costs. Other locations are remote enough that the wage is required to attract people there. There may be other issues to consider, such as a high level of violence, hazardous environmental factors, or even higher insurance costs. In short, it pays to be a little paranoid when accepting a job offer with a large salary; although a good assistant may be worth his weight in gold, be wary of those willing to actually pay it.

Based on numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014, the Top Five metropolitan areas for best hourly for a medical assistant are:
– Vallejo-Fairfield ($20.68 per hour, or $43,010 annually)
– Salinas area in California ($19.70 per hour, $40,970 annually)
– Barnstable, Massachusetts ($19.56 per hour, or $40,690 annually)
– San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City areas in California ($18.55 per hour, or $38,580 annually)
– Rochester, Minnesota ($18.31 per hour, or $38,090 annually)

It should be noted that these areas combine highly affluent areas with wide coverage; the Rochester metropolitan area, for example, covers three counties and number of cities, towns, and townships with a population of less than 10,000. This means that not only will the costs likely be high in the area, but that the office is also likely to be busy as well. Basically, a person living in those areas is going to pay for the privilege, but is unlikely to get bored at work.

It should be noted that salaries are going to vary within the area; these numbers are only averages for the area in question and the actual salary is going to depend on where the person actually ends up working. The actual duties of the position will also vary depending on location; in more urban areas the assistant’s job will be more administrative while in rural areas it will be more medical. Again, bear in mind that the salary will usually be well-earned, so salary should be one of many considerations, and not the only one.

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