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Medical Assistant Schools in Wyoming

Casper College – Casper WY

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $2,232
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $4,896
  • Accreditation: ACICS
  • Phone Numbers: 

Casper College is categorized among the largest and the most comprehensive community colleges in Casper Wyoming in the United States. The community college was established in the year 1945 as the first junior college in the region. The college later moved to its current location after 10 years. Currently, the campus is made up of 28 buildings that are situated on land close to 200 acres. The grounds in the college are largely distinctive with terraces which surround the modern buildings in the area. Currently, Casper College – Casper WY enrolls close to 4023 students and there are about 250 faculties.

An aspect that is worth noting is that the college offers more than 50 academic majors and thirty career and technical field options. On the academic side, the college is organized into five schools namely; business and industry, social and behavioral science, health science, fine arts and humanities, and science.

Sheridan College – Sheridan WY

  • Program Type:
  • In-State Tuition Fee: S3,069
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: S3,069
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 800.913.9139

Sheridan College is a part of Northern Wyoming Community College District. The cluster schools have a total student population of 4,000 students annually. It offers an associate program in Medical Aide. Their degree in Health Care is designed for the training for Nursing Aides and Medical Aides. Training is given for the medical assistant to work hand in hand with nurses and physicians in clinics, hospitals, assisted homes and the like. They are given training for the clerical and the laboratory side of the medical assistant training. A full time student with an 18-unit course will spend as much as 1,536 dollars for residents. A non-resident spends as much as 3,528. Books and supplies are estimated at 600 dollars per semester. A part time student spends about 1,243 dollars for an 11-unit course. Nonresidents will spend about 3,069 dollars.

Gillette College – Gillette WY

  • Program Type:  Associate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $2,364
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $5,628
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 

Gillette College in Wyoming is part of cluster schools called Northern Wyoming Community College. The college offers an Associate degree in Health Science. This is designed for those who wish to pursue employment in the health care industry. A certificate in Medical Aide is awarded to the students who graduate. The college’s programs include training in both administrative and clinical side of the medical assistant program. You have the option to continue in their Nursing Program. Tuition fee for an 18-unit course is about 1,536 dollars for a Wyoming resident. A non-Wyoming resident will pay as much as 3,528. Tuition fees vary depending on the number of units taken.

College America – Cheyenne WY

  • Program Type: Associate’s
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $16,214
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $16,214
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 1-800-622-2894

offers many degrees and they also specialize in Healthcare Programs. They have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, HealthCare Administration, Associate’s Degree in Medical Specialties and so much more. Their In-State and Out-of-State tuition fee is the same at $16,214. Their most popular areas of studies are Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts and Business and Management. Some of their study options are Accelerated Programs, Independent Study, Combined Degree Programs, Honors Program, Internship, Continuing Education and many more. Their Coed status is 37% Men and 63% Women. The percentage of Out-of-State is 38%. This college is a private-for-profit school.

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