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Medical Assistant Schools in Michigan

Glen Oaks Community College – Centreville MI

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $3,828
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $4,740
  • Accreditation:  CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 1-888-994-7818

Probably one of the smallest educational institutions that you will come across when attempting to find the college that is going to be the best fit for your needs. This community college has a lot to offer, the medical assisting program is effective in turning out skilled professionals that have the talent and understanding needed to excel within this field. There are currently 649 undergraduate students attending this community college. The cost attached to this school would be $3,828 for in state students and $4,740 for students that come from another state.

Wayne State University – Detroit MI

  • Program Type: Diploma
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $9,809
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $20,921
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers:

Is probably one of the best known educational institutions in the country today, it is very well respected within the medical community for turning out some amazing students once they are able to complete the medical assisting program that is offered here. Students that would like to begin working as an assisted would be very well off by deciding to have a look at what this program offers. Currently, there are 12,471 undergraduate students attended the university. Tuition is going to cost $10,190 for in state students and $21,735 for students that are out of state.

Davenport University – Grand Rapids MI

  • Program Type: Associate’s
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $12,096
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $12,096
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers:

If you are looking for information about Davenport University – Grand Rapids MI, maybe this will help you.

Davenport University has an estimated cost of attendance of $18,090 per year if you are an undergraduate. If you are a graduate, the estimated cost is $7,836 per year.

Davenport University is a private, non-profit university. Around 12,000 students are taught each semester. The class size is small and the curriculum that is taught is something that one would want as a career.

So if you are interested in going to school where the class size is small and where you can learn things that interest you, this school may be right for you.

Henry Ford Community College – Dearborn MI

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $3,698
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $3,900
  • Accreditation:  CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 1.800.585.HFCC

Is a school that you should look into if you are currently in the position of wanting to invest in yourself and the future that you could have in the medical field. This small school may be the perfect environment for you to attend a great medical assisting program and work on obtaining your certification through flexible scheduling and a great education. There are 6,779 students that attend this community college at the present time. Tuition will cost you $3,698 in state. However, students out of state will face the cost of $3818.

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