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Medical Assistant Schools in Maryland

Montgomery College – Rockville MD

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $7,944
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $10,644
  • Accreditation: Contact School
  • Phone Numbers: 240-567-5507

Is an example of higher education the way it is supposed to be, this school is based around providing students everything they need to do as well as possible in their courses. The moderate size of the college means that students will have to master both the ability to perform on their own in addition to working in groups. Medical assisting would be the field of study that is most popular with students because it is engaging while also being very rewarding once you begin. There are 9,888 students here and tuition runs $8,664 or $11,724.

Allegany College of Maryland – Cumberland MD

  • Program Type: Associate’s
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $6,118
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $7,288
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 301-784-5319

Is a school that would be well worth your time to have a look at. Selecting the right school can feel like a battle that is impossible to win. However, you should begin with an idea of what you want to study and focus on schools that appeal to your style of learning. Enrolling in medical assisting would be a great choice for someone with an interest in health, helping patients and seeking secure employment in the future. There are currently 1,958 undergraduates here and tuition costs $6,118 or $7,288 depending on residency.

Baltimore City Community College – Baltimore MD

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $2,462
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $5,390
  • Accreditation:  CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 410-986-3207

Is a small community college that has a student body of 1,803 students that are currently working toward completing their two year degrees. This school offers a decent variety of programs in order to ensure that there is something for everyone interested in an area of student. However, you would be best served by enrolling in their medical assisting program and obtaining the skills you will need to open the door to your future within healthcare. The cost of tuition here would be $2,462 for students in state or $5,390 for students living out of state.

Harford Community College – Bel Air MD

  • Program Type: Associate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $4,427
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $7,380
  • Accreditation: AAMA
  • Phone Numbers: 443 412 2000

Best way for you to get started with the work that it takes to complete a college education and get an amazing job in the future. Selecting the right program can be a very hard task, but the medical assisting program here is one that shines when compared to many others on the market today. It is based around your schedule and designed to help you obtain certification as quickly as possible. The student population here is 2,830 undergraduates at the moment. Cost of tuition would be either $4,427 or $6515 based on location.


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