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Medical Assistant Schools in Idaho

Brigham Young University-Rexburg ID

  • Program Type: Associate’s
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $3,770
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $3,770
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: (208) 496-1411

Brigham Young University is home to 34,400 students in Rexburg ID. This university is going to be ideal for students that are interested in attending a large school that can help them to live in a more positive manner in a variety of different aspects of their lives on a daily basis.

Obtaining the skills that are needed to secure employment within the field of medical assisting is something that you should begin working on today. There are many reasons that you would want to work with patients and obtain certification to secure a high paying job in the future.

The Idaho State University-Pocatello ID

  • Program Type: Associate’s
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $4,180
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $15,416
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: (208) 282-2622

Is a education environment that currently has 15,553 students enrolled at the moment. This university located in Pocatello ID is a medium sized school that you may want to look into when attempting to determine which medical assisting program is best going to provide everything that you are searching for.

Enrolling in this academic environment and taking up assisting may be the gateway that allows you to become gainfully employed within the medical field in no time at all. Simply use this amazing school in order to obtain the quality education that is vital to success within this field.

Lewis – Clark State College – Lewiston ID

  • Program Type: Associate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $5,784
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $16,096
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers:  (208) 792-5272

Lewis-Clark is a 46-acre public undergraduate college, which is located in Lewiston, Idaho, United States. Founded in 1893, the institution is now home to approximately 4,525 students. Tuition fees range from $5,784 for in state residents and $16,096 for out-of-state residents. The college offers courses in liberal arts and sciences, and professional and technical programs. Students are also prepared through their Medical Assistant Program, which aims to train them in the health industry. Students receive advanced-level training because they are immersed in medical offices, clinics and hospitals. The institution’s Medical Assistant Program is accredited by the CAAHEP and is recommended by the Medical Assisting Education Review Board.

College of Southern Idaho – Twin Falls ID

  • Program Type: Certificate
  • In-State Tuition Fee: $3,640
  • Out-of-State Tuition Fee: $6,720
  • Accreditation: CAAHEP
  • Phone Numbers: 208-732-6728

The medical assistant program of the College of Southern Idaho – Twin Falls ID provides a real and comprehensive training ground for students who want to take up this course. They will work in simulated office settings where they will perform administrative and clinical duties. Their program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. For their tuition fee, the In-District enrollees pay $110 per credit while the Out-of-District enrollees pay $160 per credit. Out-of-State and foreign will have $280 per credit. Their tuition fee per year In-State is $3,640. A total of 7,615 students attend the College of Southern Idaho.

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