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Expertise Required in the Medical Field

The medical assistant profession is fast rising among the few jobs that are promising in this decade. Any medical field is in high demand in these recent times due to the number of people getting sick every now and then. People are not taking care of their bodies which lead to such diseases. Some of them is just because of poor lifestyles while others is just ignorance. Few are because of a serious case that could not have been prevented.

The medical assistants have a duty to perfrom. Theirs is a duty of making sure that the doctors and nurses working environment is good so as to ensure a smooth running of the day to day operations. Their duties are sometimes confusing with those of nurses but this happens most of the time due to lack of clear cut rules within the organization. Since they too have a background in nursing, they are also used as nurses in times of shortage of workers thus creating the confusion.

The medical helpers have to me administrators. By this, I do not mean the bosses but people whose work is in the administration sector, mostly front office jobs. They are supposed admit sick patients into the health facility and take in their personal effects and also write down personal details about them. They are also supposed to update the patient files, order for more supplies that are needed in the facility as they take stock of what goes out and in, and also deal with the insurance claims.

Such employees  also act as secretaries to the health care institutions. They are entitled with the job of making appointments with the doctors, scheduling for tests and major surgeries in the operating rooms, answering phone calls as well as making phone calls to pharmacies about certain prescriptions and many more.

These workers  also need to have the expertise and knowledge of being advisors. They are also charged with the duties in the back offices. Here, they are entrusted with the role of guiding patients to the doctors for examining, recording some of the vital signs of the patient and recording them, and explaining some of the questions that the patients might have.

The medical subordinate  also have to be hands-on people. Some of the procedures that are done by nurses are entrusted to them. They are required to assist doctors in some of the minor procedures such as operations and also examining the patient. They are also supposed to collect laboratory specimens from the patients for testing various diseases. These specimens are such as stool and urine. Sometimes, the medical assistants can advise the patients on what to do in order to take care of themselves. There are some advises that are required to be given to patients in order to live a better life. They are tasked with the role of giving advice to those who lead an unhealthy life and show them on how to be better. They also dress up wounds and put on casts to those who require them and bandage the patients who might have dislocated or any other problem.

There are roles that medical assistants can perform but they have to be under supervision of the doctors since they are sensitive. These roles are only allowed to be performed by them under very few circumstances. They include laboratory testing for the specimens and inject vaccines and various medicines to the patients. Injections and drawing of blood have to be very accurate since no person will stand being injected with the syringe a couple of times. Also, doing all these has to have some kind of precision since the drugs being administered via the syringe are only effective if it is done in the required manner.

Medical assistants are very talented and that is why their field is on high demand. Some medical assistant even specialize in certain field so as to maximize the usefulness of their skill and knowledge in that field. Some may be better at administration that clinical while others are just vice versa. Thus, instead of roaming all over, they decide on settling on one career. In the end, they might be promoted to higher posts.

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